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I may not be the biggest brand out there but I am certainly one of the most innovative and dedicated. 

About Us

Hi, there! My name is Jeanne Murugami and I’m the face behind Digital Airs.

I got into digital marketing to fill in a gap- to help businesses were struggling to market their products and services online.

The pandemic had forced many businesses to move their operations online, but a lot of them didn’t know how to make themselves visible to potential customers. 

I’ve been working as an SEO writer for a few years now. My work revolves around creating content that is optimized for search engines, with the goal of helping businesses rank higher in SERPs and generate organic traffic.

I also run a website called Hunters Articlopedia, which showcases some of my best work and other websites where I’ve been featured.

When I launched Digital Airs, I brought my SEO expertise with me. This has proved to be extremely helpful in Search Engine Marketing campaigns, and I’ve been seeing great results in terms of organic traffic growth. 


Jeanne Murugami